5 Key Things to Know About Going Solar

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With the new year come a slew of resolutions. Along with enjoying a more plant-based diet and exercising more, perhaps leading a more sustainable lifestyle is on your list. To that end, we sat down with Tad Luttrell, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Sigora Solar. Here, he dispels some common myths and shares why converting to solar energy is a wise investment.

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1. You can be cash positive from day one.

“Our goal is to replace your existing electric bill with a new, lower, fixed rate payment,” Luttrell says. “The beauty of this payment is that you can also pay it off anytime you want with no prepayment penalty.” If you have to pay an electric bill either way, why not have it be lower, locked in, and able to be paid off. You never have the option to pay off your utility bill!

2. It can be aesthetically pleasing.

Many people are surprised to see how solar panels actually look now,” Luttrell shares. “They often have a mental picture of the old blue-purple panels that are not only unattractive, but obtrusive.” The panels Sigora Solar installs are all black and sleek, often blending into the roof. They possess a much more clean and appealing appearance than people are envisioning.

During cold winter months, if your firmware is current, your solar batteries will preheat in the morning and startup seamlessly. Colder temperatures may increase the warmup time of your batteries, and if they are already running, the startup process may take longer than usual.  

All in all, your battery is minimally affected by cold temperatures. During grid blackouts, we urge all Tesla Powerwall customers to limit theirenergy consumption to essential appliances only in order to extend the battery life. This is to ensure your battery life lasts during a major long-term power outage.  

3. Increase your property value and stay competitive in the real estate market.

Solar makes a huge impact in the equity and resale value of the home. Not only does it help to sell your home when you have a lower electric bill than every one of your neighbors, Sigora has exclusive Pearl Certification for all of their installs. Pearl is linked with the US Department of Energy, The Appraisal Institute, National Association of Realtors and others, and ensures that your home is properly appraised in order to reflect the value increase. Sigora has a unique and proprietary system known as their Produce and Reduce package. This package combines solar with energy efficiency improvements in order to bring maximum value to the homeowner. Pearl recognizes the value of the solar, as well as the energy efficiency improvements, in order to ensure that the full value of these improvements is recognized.

4. Commit to sustainability.

Solar provides a fantastic opportunity for someone to lead by example and produce clean energy for themselves at a cheaper rate than they can buy it from the utility company. Solar is one of the fastest growing industries in the US for good reason. It makes financial sense, it makes environmental sense, and it’s needed for a better cleaner future for ourselves and the environment.

5. It’s not just for residential.

Sigora does a huge amount of residential work,  but they do a great deal of commercial business as well. Many people don’t realize how many businesses have solar installed already because you typically can’t see the roof! Many businesses find that going solar is a great way to differentiate themselves from the competition, establish themselves as a forward thinking leader in their field, and save money on something that they’d have to spend money on anyway which is electricity!

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