Reimagining the 100 year old electrical panel

The outdated electrical panel replaced with a modern smart panel that allows you to easily monitor your energy consumption whenever and wherever you are.

Introducing The Span Electrical Panel

Full Circuit Control Right At Your Fingertips

Target energy use

Using the Span mobile app, you can understand what device/appliance is using energy in your home at any given time.

32 controllable circuits

You can now turn on and off circuits using a mobile app. No matter were you are, access to your home's energy will be right in your pocket.


The SPAN Home Alexa skill offers a voice-enabled interface to your home's energy. Control you electrical panel with voice commands when you're in a hurry.​

Battery optimization

Check how much energy your backup battery has left and manage your home's electricity during a power outage from your mobile device.

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"It’s a long-overdue, borderline genius product that puts much-needed control back into the hands of homeowners."

- Wired Magazine -

You ask, we answer

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“SPAN can be paired with any grid-tied solar inverter for solar monitoring. 

‍SPAN is currently compatible with the following battery storage systems:

  • LG Chem RESU and SolarEdge Energy Bank (with SolarEdge Energy Hub Backup Interface)
  • Tesla Powerwall and Powerwall+ (with Backup Gateway 1, Backup Gateway 2, or Backup Switch)

SPAN is also compatible with gas-powered backup generators with limited functionality.”


SPAN decreases phantom loads, displays equipment using unnecessarily large amounts of power, sets priorities for specific in-demand appliances, and allows you to turn off circuits during peak electricity rates.

“SPAN is a certified Energy Management System that works behind the scenes to monitor  electrical loads throughout the home, automatically pausing pre-selected circuits on rare occurrences when total consumption temporarily exceeds the home’s maximum electrical capacity (until other loads cycle off and total consumption drops).”


After we install your panel, you will need to label and configure the system to match your habits and preferences, which is very similar to manually labeling circuits on an older electrical panel. This is done through the app.

You must also set your priorities to let SPAN know your preferred appliances: “Must Haves”, “Nice to Haves”, and “Not Essentials”. 

And that’s it– your panel is ready to help you save!

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