Enphase Certified Installer

Sigora Home’s Produce + Reduce Package, now with storage so that you have access to your energy when you need it the most.

Discover the power of having a backup battery

A backup battery designed just for you

Save Money

Completely avoid using grid power, and avoid peak usage rates from the utility. There is also no maintenance or fuel like a generator. The integrated inverter in our batteries also saves on cost compared to other backup battery systems.

Energy Independence

Never lose power - Always have access to the devices you need and even the ones you simply want to use when the power is out. You will never have to buy fuel from a gas station. Our batteries provide true energy independence for your home.

Complete Backup

Our batteries are completely customizable to your needs and can be scaled to provide enough electricity to power your home for days! This includes major power draws like Cooking and A/C, but also simple things like watching TV or charging your phone.

Active Control

Set up automated control for your entire electricity system and monitor your system whenever/wherever through the app. You can also see live reporting for where you're drawing/generating power in your home.

Zero Emissions

When you combine your battery system with your solar power you achieve true, zero-emissions power generation. You can be a part of the future energy economy while saving the planet.

Power You Can Tap Into

Gain Independence

Gain full visibility into your self-powered home. You can now monitor your solar generation, battery power flow, and household consumption right at your fingertips.

Control Your energy

Seamlessly monitor and automatically manage your battery and Sigora Solar system from your mobile phone.

Monitor your system

Easily monitor your battery's state of charge at any place, anytime using a mobile app.

Better Over Time

With the over-the-air software updates, your battery will continue to improve and adapt to your lifestyle.

Jeremy Gained Energy Independence With Sigora

The power was out for five days:

“There was a really bad storm that came through. I didn’t even know there were potentially any storms whatsoever. It was a beautiful day and I got this notification on my phone saying, ‘Your batteries are going into Stormwatch.’

The power was out for five days. To know that I can charge my cars, to know I can run almost anything in my house, to not have that as a worry at all is pretty awesome.”

When the power goes out, life must go on.

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