Home Charging Designed to Save You Time and Money

We believe EV charging should be cheaper, easier, and faster. Our chargers are shaking up the industry by doing just that.

EV Charging that is Faster Better Cheaper Easier

Home charging designed to save you time and money.



Charging from home is cheaper and will save you money in the long run!


The average time to publicly charge an EV from empty to full is 8 hours. Our industry-leading chargers get the job done fast.


No need to wait in line for a public charging station. With a home charger, you will always be on-time and home for dinner.

Industry-leading quality and value

Designed to make EV charging effortless

Seamless and quick installation

Withstands all weather-extremes

Click the dots to discover why our chargers are the best on the market!

Charge for free with solar

Home solar systems allow electric vehicle owners to completely eliminate the cost of charging. With an at-home charging station that runs on solar, you can wake up every morning ready to take on your daily adventures without long, expensive pitstops to public charging stations.


You May be eligible for the 30% federal tax credit

The Inflation Reduction Act revived the EV charger tax credit.
Contact us to learn more and see how much you could save!

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