Partnership Between Sigora Solar and Isle of Wight County Schools Brings Solar to the County

Isle of Wight County Schools will soon begin construction on seven schools within the district. These solar projects will offset nearly 50% of the schools’ total electricity needs. The power purchase agreement will also save the district money at no cost to the taxpayers.

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA – Sigora Solar, the largest residential and commercial solar company in Virginia,
announced a partnership with Isle of Wight County Schools to install solar at seven county schools, making
the schools some of first in the region to transition to clean, reliable energy while saving money and providing
educational opportunities for students.

Sigora and Isle of Wight County Schools signed a power purchasing agreement (PPA) to install solar at seven
area schools, saving on overall energy costs with little to no upfront costs for the County. The solar panels are
projected to produce an estimated 4,252 MWh of clean energy for the area, enough to meet 44 percent of
the seven school’s combined energy needs. This energy production will offset carbon emissions of 7.6 million
miles driven by an average car, or over 1,000 tons of waste being recycled instead of tossed into a landfill.
Construction will begin in January 2021 and is expected to be completed by Fall 2021.

Additionally, the money saved by the PPA will be reinvested through much-needed projects such as buying
additional laptops and supplies for students, supporting sports teams and after school programs, and
offering field trips and other learning experiences.

“This agreement is unique, allowing the schools to purchase power at a cheaper rate,” said Julie Ungerleider,
Sigora’s Chief Operating Officer. “Isle of Wight County Schools, above all, care about student engagement
and happiness. Our PPA opens new doors by allowing the school to allocate the cost savings from going solar
to supporting student success.”

“Sigora presented a plan that was extremely beneficial to our division, cost effective, and aligned with our
vision to help the environment, save money, and provide an outstanding educational experience for our
students,” says division Superintendent Dr. Jim Thornton. “We chose Sigora because of their track record,
their commitment to clean energy, and their commitment to education. It’s a perfect partnership.”

The Isle of Wight Schools Solar Project was made possible through legislation passed by the Virginia General
Assembly this past session. Local legislators Senator Louise Lucas and Delegate Rosalyn Tyler voted for the
Virginia Clean Economy Act. Senator Tommy Norment, Senator John Cosgrove, and Delegate Emily Brewer
are also strong supporters of Isle of Wight County Schools.

When it came to choosing an installer, Isle of Wight wanted a partner who could match the schools’
enthusiasm and desire to empower their students to be a part of a positive change. “Our school district does
their research to make sure they find a reputable company that’s going to do the best,” says Smithfield Middle
School Principal, Matt Johnson.

For the past three years, Sigora Solar’s Commercial sector has doubled its installation capacity and is
forecasted to do so again in 2021 because of large-scale public projects like Isle of Wight County Schools. “I
think Isle of Wight County Schools recognized an experienced solar company that doesn’t simply look at this
as another project, but more of a partnership and a relationship where we can help them accomplish their
goals by utilizing our knowledge and our experience within the industry,” said Ungerleider.

The project is a “win-win” for the county according to Johnson. “Financially, you will save on the energy costs
which will go right back into the classroom for the kids.” Principals of the participating schools in the area
also see the installation as a unique opportunity for students to learn about a new technology and take part
in combating climate change. “We’re all about deeper learning and those lifelong experiences for kids,” said
Johnson. “We want to do something different in Isle of Wight County Schools.”

About Sigora:

Sigora Solar has consistently appeared on Inc.’s list of fastest growing companies in the U.S., operating in 14 states, and is Virginia’s largest residential and commercial solar installer, according to Solar Power World. In 2019, Sigora was named Solar Power World’s “Most Forward-Thinking Company,” highlighting an innovative and equity-inspired business model that incorporates solar and energy efficiency services paired with a Pearl Certification™ and Sigora’s One For One™ program which provides free connections to clean, reliable electricity for families in Haiti – many of whom have never had access to electricity before.

Sigora’s mission is to empower people and communities through energy and technology services enabling a more sustainable and equitable energy economy. For more information visit SigoraHome.com.

About Isle of Wight County Schools:

Isle of Wight County Schools dedicates its efforts to create a learning environment that will enable every
child to discover his or her unique gifts and talents. Through this vision, Isle of Wight County Schools is
committed to preparing approximately 5,500 students in all nine of its schools to be college, career, and life
ready. A rigorous curriculum includes the integration of project-based learning, the merging of academic
disciplines, as well as performance based assessments. Students develop projects, solve problems and
present their findings to a wider audience through school-wide expos.

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