Reliable power for Haiti

The Sigora Utility

About Sigora Haiti

Sigora Haiti is a sister company of Sigora Home. It is a micro-utility that makes clean, reliable and affordable power a reality in Haiti. Leveraging a proprietary technology platform, Sigora Haiti is developing the necessary infrastructure to generate and distribute sustainable electricity to its underserved and unconnected communities.

Sigora introduced affordable, prepaid electricity to the remote town of Mole-St-Nicholas in Northwest Haiti in early 2016. Today, the organization provides electricity to 4,000 homes and businesses and over 20,000 residents.

Help a friend regain control over
their energy use and give power
to a household in Haiti.

Join our mission!

Partnered with Sigora Home, our One for One Program provides 24/7 electricity to a family in Haiti for every solar installation completed in the US. To date, over 5,000 Haitians families have received reliable power through this Give Back program.

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