Sigora Helps Rewrite the Landscape of Clean Energy as Governor Northam Signs the Virginia Clean Economy Act

Sigora Solar was proud to join Virginia Governor Ralph Northam on Monday at a formal bill signing ceremony for the Virginia Clean Economy Act (VCEA). The VCEA is a landmark bill that will transform the Commonwealth’s energy landscape, creating a massive market for rooftop solar and making Virginia a national leader in energy efficiency and environmental justice.

As a primary member of the coalition behind the Clean Economy Act, Sigora Solar invested thousands of hours in crafting a clean energy landscape that specifically addresses the needs of its customers. From exponentially increasing the cap on Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), allowing more schools and municipal agencies to take control of their carbon footprint, to expanding net metering capacity so you can get more out of your rooftop solar installation, the Clean Economy Act puts Virginia on the path to 100% clean energy by 2050.

“Sigora is proud to have been so involved in the monumental achievement of the VCEA,” said Sigora Solar CEO Logan Landry. “We believe in fighting for our customers every single day, and that includes in legislative chambers in Washington, Virginia, and across the country where policy decisions are made. We invested time and resources into making the VCEA a reality because we know how much it will mean for our customers.”

Bringing Sigora’s unique insight into the rooftop solar market, Sigora helped craft the VCEA to lower regulatory barriers, create new efficiency targets, raise the net metering cap, decrease dependence on traditional utilities, and most of all, save Virginians money. Now, Sigora’s customers are assured their investment will not only give them greater control over their own electric bills, but also lower the cost of electricity for all.

“Rooftop solar is about economic growth and equity in energy. Rooftop solar provides the vast majority of solar jobs and ensures access to the most vulnerable populations” said Karla Loeb, Chief Policy & Development Officer at Sigora. “The mandatory RPS, PPA changes, and net metering reforms will together create a multi-million dollar opportunity for customers to access solar at lower costs. I am so proud to have worked with a broad and diverse group of stakeholders to reach this milestone.”

The Clean Economy Act specifically reserves one percent of the net metering cap for low-income customers. Additionally, the VCEA prioritizes low-income geographic areas, historically disadvantaged communities, veterans, and individuals in the Virginia coalfield region in the development of job training programs and the placement of renewable energy facilities.

With several accolades, including being recently named to Inc. 5000’s list of fastest growing private companies in the country, and back-to-back years of exponential growth, Sigora has devoted itself to empowering its customers to take control of their consumption by rewriting the clean energy landscape.

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