The Scout Guide – 7 Reasons To Consider Going Solar

Yesterday Sigora Solar was featured in The Scout Guide’s “TSG Tip” article encouraging its readers to go solar! This is a wonderful article that explains seven reasons why making the switch to solar makes sense right now. You can take advantage of Sigora’s Take Back 2020 promotion and get a $2,020 discount.

About Sigora:

For the past month, we’ve all been making drastic changes to the way we live, including adapting our homes in myriad ways. And while sustainability has perhaps not been a main factor as you’ve adapted to a stay-at-home lifestyle, with summer approaching, now is an excellent time to think about converting to solar. Recently, we talked to Tad Luttrell, vice president of sales and marketing at Sigora Solar in Charlottesville, Virginia, about the key factors to consider before adding solar panels to your abode. Here, he dispels some common myths, explains the process, and shares why converting to solar energy is a wise investment.

You can convert to solar while following social distancing guidelines. There are many reasons why someone would be hesitant to embark on a home project right now, from not knowing whether solar companies are operating to being wary of inviting someone onto their property. Solar companies have been deemed essential businesses by the federal government, and according to Luttrell, many, like Sigora Solar, have employees working from home doing virtual consultations and working safely in the field following social distancing guidelines during installations.

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